Although not an infant exam, this is an interesting case nonetheless.  David initially had eyeglasses, but at age two he underwent eye muscle surgery to align his eyes.  The surgery was successful, and post surgery his family was told he did not need to wear corrective lenses any more.  David was involved in an early intervention program, and there was concern over his visual skills.

Entering acuities were OD 10/15  OS 10/40.  Refraction indicated OD PL  OS +2.50.  The photorefractive image reveals the obvious anisometropia which has led to the continued amblyopic condition in the left eye.  Eyes appeared aligned on all vision testing, but David was unable to respond to any stereo vision test including gross stereo anaglyphs.  The dilaed fundus exam was unremarkable.

Full time corrective lens wear and an moderate patching program (4 hours in two 2 hour sessions during the day) brought acuity up to OD  10/15+ and OS 10/15- within 3 months. 

Other recommendations were made to include bilateral exercises to his early intervention program.

There is an obvious hyperopia in the left eye with no refractive crescent noted in the right eye.
Note correction of the hyperopia with a +2.50 lens on the left eye.  The Hircshberg Reflex indicates alignment and there is no Bruckner's Reflex noted, but there is no subjective response to any stereo test following the treatment program. 

Unfortunately this young man moved to a new city; hopefully his biniocular vision potential has been explored.