Dr. Spangler presenting the InfantSEE continuing education program to the Arkansas Optometric Association in 2005.
InfantSEE, A to Z - 2 hours

A primary care practice that sees 200+ babies a year?  You bet.  And your office can too.  See how your office can become a platinum level InfantSEE provider with proven strategies of marketing, office preparation, staff involvement, data, assessment, and post exam duties delegated to doctors and staff.  Staff is the key component.  Paraoptometrics are encouraged to sit with doctors for this lecture and decide what duties can be spread among the team.  Taught by James Spangler, OD, associate faculty is offered with Jill Luebbert, CPOT of Nebraska forming a team approach of lecturing.  Fast moving, the team wanders through the audience demonstrating assessment techniques.  This material is available for study in a CD format - see below.
Dr. Spangler currently offers two COPE approved courses:  http://www.arbo.org/index.php?action=courses&search=yes
Uh oh, now what do I do? - 2 hours

Most infant vision assessments  (about 89%) are wellness visits with no concerns.  But what are the problems to look for, when is a problem a real problem, what should be monitored, what should be referred.    This lecture addresses just such issues.  Presented in a case presentation format, see 10+ cases of infant vision problems and follow the course of action from a primary care practice perspective.  Some of the paths just might surprise you.
InfantSEE, A to Z on CD

Available to attendees or as a separate resource tool is a 24 page word document covering all facets of the InfantSEE program.  Also titled InfantSEE, A to Z, this CD is available by contacting Dr. Spangler and
jspangler@drjspangler.com.  Cost is $15 with $5 S&H for a total of $20.  Additional CDs are shipped at the $15 fee with no S&H charge as long as they are shipped in the same package.


A picture is worth a thousand words...  Our experience is parents are reluctant to bring infants in for vision assessments because they do not understand or believe a doctor can get useful information from a child
who cannot talk or communicate.  Sure doctors know differently, but a parent cannot see Hirschberg reflex, cannot see Bruckner's reflex, or see a retinoscopic reflex.  Or can they?  Yes, they can!  With photorefractive technology you can not only demonstrate vision disorders in infants and toddlers, you can also document your assessment with an image that contains a plethora of data.  The RICK CD is over 25 word document pages on CD that explains how to gather data via digital photography and interpret images for visual data.  Available for $15 plus $5 S&H by contacting Dr. Spangler at
jspangler@drjspangler.com.  Additional CDs may be ordered for $15 without an S&H charge if shipped in the same package.
Both InfantSEE, A to Z and RICK CDs can be ordered for $15 each and a single S&H charge of $5 for a total of $35 if ordered together.