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The Infant Eye and Vision Assessment.  Click on Case Study One to the left.

Choanal atresia.  Click on Case Study Two to the left.
High hyperopia - intermittent esotopia.  Click on Case Study Three to the left.

High myopia
Family history of anisometropic amblyopia

High myopia anisometropia amblyopia

Validation for infant vision assessments is based on the principle that vision is learned.  Eyes and the vision they provide begin with the potential to see.  Stimulation, interaction, and experience are necessary to learn how to see and function at the highest level of vision potential.  It is a case of "use it or lose it."  

Here are the six areas of learned vision processes.  Click on Vision Development to the left.

Hirschberg Reflex and Bruckner's Reflex are invaluable tools for assessing eye alignment in infants and nonverbal patients.  Click on the link to the left to learn about these tests.

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